anger, the big a

I read a lot about this in the spiritual blogs and news items. Usually saying “anger is negative, one must distance oneself from the destructive emotion” and I agree, anger allowed to run unchecked is a most destructrive thing.

However, there is another side to this anger issue, anger doesn’t happen in a void, anger is pain, and real and in need of acknowledgement as any other pain. If somebody is hurting physically, we don’t, if we have any senstivity, tell them to distance themselves from the pain. We look at the causes, the effects, and try to find medicine for their ailments. If we treat the pain of anger in this way, we deal with the root cause, we deal with the whole picture, and in doing so, we heal on a much deeper level than if we merely say “distance oneself from the anger thing”

Dealing with anger isn’t about enacting revenge, it is about acknowledging what anger does to our own souls, and working through what happened to cause the anger, what injustice did we suffer to make this hurt happen. And working through the issues, because if we do not do this, anger can turn to depression, and we all deserve better than that. Image

There are no leaders here and the stars are in the sky

So says the header on our women’s history month facebook page I love this image, but it occurs to me a lot who see this won’t know the story behind it.

We are now in the run up to women’s history month 2014, and so I’m thinking  a quick blog post about the story behind this image would be a good thing to post here. The photo is of a banner from Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, circa late eighties. At the peace camp, it was accepted that all are equals, no leaders, no underlings, autonomy lead the way, camp meetings held in circles and all voices heard, decisions made by consensus, true anarchy

The banner happened as a reaction to some unwise souls attempting to elect “leaders” at the peace camp, it didn’t work, of course…….. the majority choosing to autonomously keep our autonomy


Red Tent at Feminism in London


There will be a red tent sacred women’s space at feminism in London this year. Facilitated by women from Gaia sisterhood and Red Tent networks, the space will be a place to recharge, take time out, to connect and reconnect with the sacred.

The women will be running drop in sessions, some of these based on the work of  Shakti Malan (Author of Sexual Awakening for Women) , copies of this book will be available to purchase at the event. They will also giving advice and info on how to go about setting up your own redtent network. More details coming soon.

As part of this space, Jill Kettle will be running a lunchtime workshop,

Menstruation: sat nav of the soul – Cultivating awareness, creativity and healing through tending to the wisdom of our cycle.

A closed lunchtime session with Jill Kettle.

Jill Kettle is an acupuncturist, shadow work coach and doula. She co-created the Brighton Red Tent and is an activating force in women’s events in the Sussex area. She is passionate about bringing forth the wisdom of our souls, reviving our knowing of ourselves as wisdom keepers, and finding ways to bring feminine power into community. Her perspective is that we are in a process of reseeding and remembering our deepest truths, and that bringing forth of these qualities is instrumental to our healing at this time, as individual women and also of the world.

Most of us were not guided as young women to learn how to use wisely the oceanic potential of our cycles. To understand the different natural powers expressing themselves at different times and how to listen to the messages they bring. This is not about learning information from the outside, this is the journey of how we can grow our awareness of our deepest blueprint to to garden ourselves into wholeness and to be guided from within, leading lives of authenticity, creativity and fullness of expression.

Our cycle is a microcosm of nature’s great turning wheel, with all the lessons of that cyclical journey coded into it. When we honour our cycles as sensitive tools of guidance, knowing how to support the restorative, cleansing and creative qualities, and hold the tension of the capacity our cycle has to take us to the place of inner critic and destroyer, we can harness the enormous natural force that it embodies and deeply enrich our own lives and that of our communities.

Reclaim The Night, October 26th 2013

Join us for an extra-special 10th London Reclaim the Night! We will be showing soliditarity with our sisters in India and all over the world…close down central London for women, put your feet on the streets to shout a loud NO to rape and all forms of male violence against women.

This year the march will start outside the Institute of Education on Bedford Way (same location as FiL conference) and will move off at 6.30pm.

After the march – join the mixed after party. Tickets selling fast for Reclaim the Night after-party, so book in advance to not miss out.

Women DJs will follow a fabulous feminist line up: Carmina Masoliver of She Grrrowls poetry, the magical Ada Campe and the fantastically funny stand-up comedian Rosie Wilby headlining.Image 1

Daughter of the Elements

Daughter of the elements
Daughter of the rain
Daughter of the thunder
Daughter of the flame

Daughter of the dawn
And daughter of the light
Daughter of the stars
And daughter of the night

Daughter of the earth
And daughter of the trees
Daughter of the storms
And daughter of the breeze

Daughter of the moon
And daughter of the seas
Daughter of the winds
And daughter of the leaves

I am the elements
I am the rain
I am the thunder
I am the flame

I am the dawn
And I am the light
I am the stars
And I am the night