Feminist Social Bash, to raise funds for Women’s History Month 2013 and Feminism in London 2013,

On Saturday December 1st, the Women’s History Month collective and the collective setting up feminism in London’s 2013 conference will be heading down to the feminist library to meet, be merry (well it will be December meaning we’ll be well on our way to Winter Solstice/Xmas, ) 

We’ll be eating, drinking, talking, raffling, watching a film and hopefully raising some much appreciated funds to help organise a March event for Women’s History Month, and the big feminism in London conference to happen in October 2013

Event starts at 2 pm, and finishes at 8 pm

We have space for a few stands, Please get in touch if you would like to reserve one. The sort of stands we’re looking to book are campaigners, artists, craftswomen. No set fee, but please consider making a donation to the event

Find our event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/279256248843384/


The Fabulous Dirt Sisters, Army Song

The Fabulous Dirt Sisters (1981-1989) were an all women band based in Nottingham, UK. They began in 1981 when Dorry Lake and Deb Mawby came together through a shared interest in street musicianship, feminist/peace politics and using music as a platform for inspiring joy in people.

Pacifism simply is not a matter of calm looking on; it is work, hard work

“…each war carried within itself, the war which will answer it. Each war is answered by another war, until everything is destroyed…That is why I’m so wholeheartedly for a radical end to the madness…Pacifism simply is not a matter of calm looking on; it is work, hard work…those lovely small apples out there…everything could be so beautiful if it were not for the insanity of war…one day, a new idea will arise and there will be an end of all wars…People will have to work hard for that new state of things, but they will achieve it.”

Kathe Kollwitz (1867 – 1945)