Alex Florschutz will be exhibiting at the Dragon Hall on March 17th

ImageAlex Florschutz explores the fundamental aspects of being a Woman: women’s sexuality, cycles, empowered birth, and our intuitive, creative expression. Her desire for women to become integrated in self knowledge, acceptance and love, honoring their dreams and desires with pleasure, is paramount.

The Pink Tent

The Pink Tent, which is my Art Installation, that has been travelling around inspiring women and men about what it is to be a woman in our Western culture, and offers a space for dialogue on this huge topic. It is a celebration of all things feminine. It allows women to expand their self awareness of who they are beyond the context of our culture while giving a positive insight for men. A place where people can have a creative, sensual, informative and transformative felt experience of the Feminine.

The Pink Tent contains themes such as: Female cycles, Pregnancy & Birth, Feminine Sexuality, Menopause, The different aspects of the Goddess, the pursuit for our own pleasure, inner acceptance and happiness!

The Goddess, which can be described as female archetypes, conjures difference characteristics such as strength, love, home, freedom, peace, sensuality etc. The goddess is also about Birth, Growth, Death and Regeneration (M. Gimbutas).

Pink is symbolic of Love, Beauty, Femininity, Compassion, Motherhood, emotional and spiritual healing and much more and is a combination of Red (earth, passion) and White (purity and contains all colours). Pink is a higher vibration to red and is connected to the heart chakra.

Find The Pink Tent on Facebook:

Alex will be exhibiting as part of the event: A Passage through time, looking back to look forward, Women in Herstory


Million Women Rise, Saturday March 9th

Image 1Calling all WomenMILLION WOMEN RISESaturday 9th March 2013 @ 12pm outside Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1A

Million Women Rise call all women to join together in a critical mass to say



Holding up a mirror to the world about the truth of male violence against women in all its forms and

“celebrating our Re-Sis-Stance”

This year we have already seen the rape of millions of women throughout the world and we are only in February. We have heard the German authorities apologies to a teenage girl for sending her to a brothel to get work:

Many of you have been at the ongoing protests supporting the voices of women of India after the gang rape in India of a young woman who is now dead:

We have witnessed the Irish government commit murder of a woman who was denied her human rights to an abortion:

Women in Egypt have spoken out against state sponsored Violence Against Women:

And we will not ignore the ongoing rape and genocide of our sisters and children across the world from Easten Congo to Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Occupied Tibet, Ivory Coast, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, London, Bradford, Bolivia, Brazil, fromTamil women to Wales, East Europe, western Europe to the Americas to name a few

Male violence against women is pandemic, it is organised and systematic, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Join us on Saturday 9th March 2013 @ 12pm


Meet: 12pm, outside Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1A 1AB

Set off: 1pm

Rally: 3pm Trafalgar Square

After rally fundraising party: 5pm-late at The 52 Club, 52 Gower Street, WC1E 6EB (more info below)

This year the whole of Oxford Street will be closed to traffic from 12pm.

Making way for Million Women Rise to reclaim Oxford Street, it will be pedestrian-only from noon.

This March welcomes all women and girls and it is a women only event.

Bring any banners or flags, bring instruments, drums, bring your voices in any way you wish them to be heard.

We encourage women to WEAR RED…

For MWR it symbolizes the colour of Woman and her blood, the blood of our sisters who have been murdered and raped , our blood which contains life, courage, respect, dignity and protection.



The 52 Club, 52 Gower Street, WC1E 6EB

The after rally party for food and networking at The 52 Club, is a women only event and is a wheelchair accessible venue. Food, performances, infamous raffle, DJs, chill-out space and great company!

This is a fundraising event, entry fee on the door – donation if unwaged, £5 low-waged and £12 waged.



Everybody tell a sister, every sister bring a sister. The time is now!

Help us spread the word to as many women and girls, through your friends and contacts – forward this email

Encourage your group, organisation or women in your community to come along on Saturday 9 March

Come on your own… if you don’t know anyone who wants to come, come by yourself! You will be warmly welcomed

Print the attached flyer and use it to spread the word about the march or collect some flyers to distribute from our project space in Finsbury Park opening times are on MWR website

Promote the march on your website, blog or facebook pages, tweet it, write about it…help us spread the word in all ways you can.

Volunteer to steward on the day of the march – training will take place on Saturday 2 march and Tuesday 5 March – details on MWR website.

Make banners or flags to carry on the march

Help us to raise funds for the march or make a donation to our power to the women appeal we are a grassroots movement and we rely on fundraising to make the march and rally happen

Go to to sign our statement of demands

Bring a stall to the rally to promote your organisation or activities


Million Women Rise is a collective of women who work autonomously as volunteers, without any corporate sponsorship or formal funding. We promote real change that is based on truth, unity and solidarity, peace and love. Million Women Rise rely on the support of donations to keep our voice autonomous.

Raised funds will go towards costs including public liability insurance, stage hire, screen and audio equipment for Trafalgar Square, and other related activities including The Million Women Rise Project.


Visit our new donation site at:


For £200, Million Women Rise will display your organisations logo, details (e.g. helpline numbers), info on your services on the BIG SCREEN IN TRAFALGAR SQUARE

For £100, you can hold a stall in Trafalgar Square so women can get further information directly from you about your services.

For £250, you can have a stall and your information on the big screen in Trafalgar Square!

*To take up one of these offers please contact:

MWR is expecting thousands of women and girls to gather in the square after the Million Women Rise march along Oxford Street, as well as women from all walks of life, the general public, community change makers, funders and the media. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your organisation and services directly with the women you want to reach!

Upwards and Rising Get Ready, Be Ready, Stay Ready!

Are you outraged by the violence that women experience?

Every minute of every hour of every day.

That breaks the hearts, minds and souls.

That traces backwards to our grandmothers and forward to our daughters.

Have you the heart, passion and compassion, to extend the hand of solidarity?

United and connected we can change the world TOGETHER!

Will you hold the vision of a future for women free of violence?

One woman, one body, one song, one love

Together we will end this violence against us and our loved ones

In sisterhood and solidarity

Million Women Rise



Million Women Rise

c/o WRC,

Ground Floor East,

33-41 Dallington St. East,




Info line: 07727 419634


Facebook page for Million Women Rise



…one stick is easily broken, many sticks together are harder to break….
a mothers saying…

One Woman, One body, One song, One Love, One people


Women in Black vigil to mark the anniversary of the Tibetan Women’s Uprising, March 12th


March 12th is the anniversary of the Tibetan Women’s Uprising. On this day in 1959 thousands of women gathered on the ground called Dri-bu-Yul-Khai Thang in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. This demonstration – Women’s Uprising Day – in an act of spontaneous non violent resistance to the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese authorities responded by resorting to brute force and arrested the leaders of the movement and many other innocent women. They were sentenced to indefinite prison terms, and many of them were mercilessly beaten to death. However, these repressive measures did not dampen the women’s courage. They did not let themselves be cowered by the Chinese.

The events of this day lead to the birth of the Tibetan Women’s Association. A main objective of the Tibetan Women’s Association is to promote awareness at the local and international level of human rights abuses in Tibet. TWA has also initiated projects to address the various social welfare, educational and environmental needs of the exile community.


Hip Hop Hijabis, A Documentary film exploring Hip Hop, Islam and women’s rights.

A guest blog post from the women behing the Hip Hop Hijabis documentary film

A recent UK parliamentary report revealed that some Muslim women are removing their headscarves and Anglicizing their names in order to improve their chances in the job market. But two best friends, featured in the upcoming documentary film Hip Hop Hijabis, did the exact opposite.
Born in Bristol to Jamaican parents, they converted to Islam in 2005, started wearing the hijab and changed their names to Sukina Abdul Noor and Muneera Rashida. Together they are known as the Hip Hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage. They have toured internationally to critical acclaim, supported K’naan in concert, been featured on the BBC, Channel 4 and Arte and performed at SXSW in Texas and at London’s South Bank Centre, to mention a few.
These two outspoken MCs are as passionate about their new faith as they are about women’s rights. They believe that cultural traditions and misinterpretations have distorted the original egalitarian message of Islam, which emphasised the spiritual equality of men and women, and introduced rights of divorce, education and inheritance for women in an otherwise very patriarchal time and place.

However, Sukina and Muneera are up against centuries of deep-rooted cultural practices and meet resistance both from within the Muslim community, who may not take kindly to criticism from recent converts, and the secular society they live in, where according to a YouGov poll only 24% of voters believe Islam is compatible with being British.

The good news is that by speaking out against practices such as FGM and honour killings from within an Islamic framework, Poetic Pilgrimage is part of a growing number of Muslim artists, activists and intellectuals reclaiming their religion from the grip of extremism.
But doing so through the language of Hip Hop has unintentionally become an issue in itself, as some interpretations of Islam consider music and female performance to be haram, or forbidden.
The advantage is that through their skillful rhymes, catchy beats and positive energy Poetic Pilgrimage can reach a wide audience, acting as intercultural bridge-builders and encouraging people of all faiths and those of none at all, to question assumptions they may have previously accepted unconditionally.
In the context of the women’s movement the story of Poetic Pilgrimage addresses some very topical questions: Why are nearly two-thirds of British Muslim converts women? Considering that the majority of the world’s women are religious, how can their needs be supported by the western women’s movement, which to a large extent has been shaped by atheist and secular feminism? And is it more productive and respectful to challenge misogynist practices from within a religious framework or to fight for that framework to be dismantled?

Judging by the heated debates following recent screenings of the trailer, these are highly controversial questions, which will be explored further in the extensive outreach programme of talks, debates and workshops being developed in association with the film.

The Hip Hop Hijabis documentary is shot in an observational and cinematic style and doesn’t promote any particular view or solution to these complex questions, but aims to foster constructive dialogue about gender equality, religion, extremism and Islamophobia.

It follows Poetic Pilgrimage over three life-changing years, going behind the scenes at major international events, but also showing the private highs and lows as difficult decisions need to be made…

The project has so far been entirely self-funded with the help of a crew of committed filmmakers and in-kind support from Faction Films.
The team is currently crowd-funding in order to complete post-production.
Trailer, perks and more information is available here:
Hip Hop Hijabis
Faction Films