Reclaiming old stories of Gingerbread

A networking organisation providing creative support for lone parents.

Founded in 1969/70 by Tessa Fothergill now known as Raga Woods.

Women Inner Time, WIT.

Eve’s Shrine on the Eve of Women’s Day.
This Thursday March 7th, 2013

Collect at the large and impressive art deco portico of Whiteleys Store at 151 Queensway, Bayswater
London, W2 4YL

I intend to arrive at around 1.30pm. The ceremony will begin at 3.00.

This event has been inspired by the completion of a recent and stunning portrait of Raga Woods by Claudia Bicen an artist from San Francisco.

We will unveil this rather outrageous pastille sometime after 3.30pm.

I, Raga, am now developing a new concept that arises from my very rich and complex life.

This marks the emerging into consciousness of an intention to invite our Crones, Hags and Old Women to step into their creative roles. Based on recent research on the streets of London I see we are ready. It is time for us crones to become the wonderful eccentrics and spiritual artists we all, men, women and children need to engage with.

WIT acknowledges the third age of the divine feminine archetype, Maid, Mother, Crone. The lack of this aspect is clearly related to our sense of disconnection from Sacred Mother Earth.

To save the planet from human greed and myopic madness we need Elders, especially in the form of Medicine Women, who have been deeply trained in the art of warm listening.

WIT needs people, including men, of various ages and skills to provide and enable the old women to offer their skills before they leave us for ever. We, as a Western industrial society, need to consciously and urgently facilitate the meltdown of patriarchal authority.

WIT Crones sometimes have special gifts that are needed at this time.


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