A Passage Through Time, Looking back on the afternoon……….

………..Of Sunday March 17th,

Firstly, thank you’s. A big big thanks to performers, Keanu Smurthwaite, Rebecca Morden and Naomi Paxton. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who attended. You were all brilliant. Thank you to all those who helped on the day. Special thanks to Jo Bagshaw for the enthusiam and energy you put into announcing the acts, to Nadia and Rob for looking after the refreshements, to Di and Shona for helping on the door (after driving over from Bristol) to May and to Elizabeth, for being there, and pitching in. To Lynette from Newbury for loaning us the Boise peace quilt, and taking time to sort out materials from the Greenham women’s Peace camp archives. Big thanks to everyone who came and brought your positve energies. To all my old friends from greenham, words can’t describe how lovely it was to see you all again. Thanks to all the standholders and artists for coming on board and being part of the day. And thanks to everybody who put the word out that this event was happening………

Secondly, what next? Organising Sunday’s event was quite an isolated experience, I would like to organise something now with a small group of likeminded women. I’ve got itchy feet, and I’m really keen to do more of this sort of thing. We need more of a sense of inclusive community, it’s the root from which everything else grows. We need autonomous feminist networks, to create spaces and places where we treat each other as equals. We need to support each others ventures. And we can have all of the above……….

The week before this event, I was at an event that had been part organised by an old greenham friend for international women’s day. During the course of this day, we talked a lot about the strength of community we had some 25 to 30 years ago. Too many women at that event expressed feelings of isolation in the present days climate. We talked of the need to rebuild this sense of sisterhood and community. Not in a “oh the good old days were perfect” sort of way, but in a yes, we had problems back then, things were not perfect, but even so, we have lost something, and we are determined, now we’re aware of that loss, to find that something again. Life evolves, and in it’s turning, it’s time to return to a more inclusive women’s movement.

The only thing I would have had different on Sunday, would be to have had more attendees. The women who gave time and energy to putting together performances for Sundays event deserved to play to a bigger audience. Again, I think with a more inclusive and supportive and supporting feminist network, we would have got the word out that this event was happening further and wider than we did, and in doing so, we’d have got more attendees. My friends in Shropshire who organised the event I’ve spoken of above had the same problem.

So, what else? I’m part of the working group putting together this years feminism in London conference (happening on October 26th) so that’s going to be a great opportunity to put these ideas of inclusiveness and community spirit into action. Can’t wait……….

Hopefully I will be along to the next London feminist network meeting, if anybody would like to discuss and plan and plot with me concerning any of the above, see you there,

Jo Image

image from the greenham women’s peace camp archives


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