Vanessa and Virginia

Vanessa and Virginia
Directed by Emma Gersch
Designed by Kate Unwin
Music by Jeremy Thurlow

A new play by Elizabeth Wright, based on a novel by Susan Sellers

Based on the acclaimed novel by Susan Sellers, Elizabeth Wright’s innovative new play is a moving, poetic and powerful story about the remarkable sisters, novelist Virginia Woolf and artist Vanessa Bell.

Our faces are imperfect replicas of each other, as if the painter were trying to capture the same person from different angles. – Vanessa Bell

Fusing original music, poetic text and immersive design the play creates a dream-like, meditative quality moving gracefully through time and seamlessly transporting the audience through places, events and memories. A highly original and emotional theatrical experience that invites you to journey with the sisters from their Victorian childhood to a Bohemian adulthood.

Produced by award-winning theatre company Moving Stories, Vanessa and Virginia opened to acclaim in Provence in September 2010 and toured across the UK and Europe in advance of coming home to London for its Riverside run.


90 minutes with no interval.


Suitable for ages 14+. Image

Riverside Studio’s web page, for further information and ticket bookings


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