The Wilding Festival

Welcome to The Wilding Festival!

Tickets will be available from 9 am on Wednesday 8th May!

Make sure you get your place at your chosen events by booking via our We Got Tickets box office.

What’s it all about?

On the 14th June 1913, 6000 women dressed in white marched through the streets of London to pay their respects to Emily Wilding Davison at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. This young woman lost her life in a dramatic act of protest when she placed herself in the path of the King’s horse to highlight the cause of women’s suffrage.

On the 100th anniversary of her momentous memorial service the doors of St George’s will once again be opened in her name, for an eclectic and provocative programme of new art works and performances. We invite our audience to experience, consider and challenge the resonance of Emily’s legacy in our modern lives.

Curated by London based arts collective Soundcastle in partnership with the Museum of London and St George’s Bloomsbury the festival will present dynamic and discursive new music, theatre, dance, arts performance, collaboration, discussion and intergenerational community engagement in this spectacular and immersive setting.

Performing and exhibiting artists include: Soundcastle, Consortium5, Troupe, London Gay Men’s Chorus, Akhila Krishnan, LightBox, Over 55s Sage Dance Company, Voice, Folie a Deux Femme, Kirstin Smith, Jasper Cho and many more.

At our Pre-festival talks speakers will include Marina Warner (historian and mythographer), Diane Atkinson (women’s historian and author) Benjamin Alsop (Coin gallery curator, British Museum), Hilary McCollum (author and feminist activist). Suffragette expert, Elizabeth Crawford will be an ‘information point’ throughout the festival in order to answer any questions from members of the public.


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