Clarissa Dalloway’s Walk through London, June 16th

The Women’s History Group in association with the Literary London Reading Group warmly invite you to join us on a literature walk on 16 June celebrating the 90th anniversary of the day Clarissa Dalloway plunged into London.

Starting at 11 am we will meet in Dean’s Yard, Westminster and walk to Regent’s Park, following this route, which was planned using the Virginia Woolf Society walk that is on the website.

This is in the spirit of Bloomsday, the celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  Bloomsday is on the 16 June and is celebrated globally through various cultural activities.  There are some connections between Ulysses and Mrs Dalloway as both are set on a single day and use the stream of consciousness technique.

We will be reading extracts from the book on location. The readers are all women and will be ageing as we go along the walk as this relates to the book and symbolises the life cycle of a woman.

We will end with a picnic and a discussion, led by Clara Jones who is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary, University of London, and is studying Virginia Woolf.

Please come along and wear something green!

See our facebook page

If any women would like to do a reading please contact me directly on, we will be having a rehearsal in the afternoon/evening of 30 May.

Many thanks,



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