atheism and feminism

I’ve read a lot recently, from women, respected, feminist activist women, on the issue of atheism. And I feel not happy about much of it. Let me be clear from the start, I do not think my own beliefs to be better, or righter or more important than others beliefs. We are all unique, and we find our own ways. So long as our paths are the sort that push forward in this life, positively to help make this world a better place, it doesn’t at the end of the day matter, whether we are Pagan, Witch or Atheist, or anything else.

What I do expect, not just expect, insist on, is mutual respect. Comments such as “I don’t believe in God ‘cos I’m not stupid” are not only stupid, they are also more than a bit arrogant and rude.

Spirituality is a part of humanity. It doesn’t matter if you believe in a “Goddess” or “God” both, mulitiples of both, or none at all. If you have ever appreciated a piece of music, been touched by a work of art, or a piece of literature. Been moved by a dream, felt the magic in a connection with a lover. Experienced anything that can’t be explained in the existance of mere physical atoms, you have touched the spiritual. And that connection and connectedness is a part of our human birthright.

Some of these atheists seem so hell bent on the idea that they and they alone are right, I’m thinking they could give some of the religious fundamentalists a run for their money. And it’s fundamentalist thinking that is the problem. Fundamentalism = patriarchy, patriarchy = fundamentalism.  dislike muchly, and really hope this attitude is a passing thing.


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