There are no leaders here and the stars are in the sky

So says the header on our women’s history month facebook page I love this image, but it occurs to me a lot who see this won’t know the story behind it.

We are now in the run up to women’s history month 2014, and so I’m thinking  a quick blog post about the story behind this image would be a good thing to post here. The photo is of a banner from Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, circa late eighties. At the peace camp, it was accepted that all are equals, no leaders, no underlings, autonomy lead the way, camp meetings held in circles and all voices heard, decisions made by consensus, true anarchy

The banner happened as a reaction to some unwise souls attempting to elect “leaders” at the peace camp, it didn’t work, of course…….. the majority choosing to autonomously keep our autonomy



One response to “There are no leaders here and the stars are in the sky

  1. I wish we hadn’t lost this commitment to do things differently from patriarchal institutions. Whether we know it or not, we all now bear witness to what happens when there is a mismatch between feminist ideology and feminist ethics.

    It wasn’t just Greenham which embraced the concept of non-hierarchy. (In the UK anyway), feminists set up co-ops, collectives and groups without leaders. No one is saying that operating in a different way to patriarchy is unproblematic. However, many of us sure as hell prefer(red) the efforts we made compared to unquestioningly perpetuating the inherent organisational problems when you have “positions of authority” whether they are visible, transparent, known about or not.

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