anger, the big a

I read a lot about this in the spiritual blogs and news items. Usually saying “anger is negative, one must distance oneself from the destructive emotion” and I agree, anger allowed to run unchecked is a most destructrive thing.

However, there is another side to this anger issue, anger doesn’t happen in a void, anger is pain, and real and in need of acknowledgement as any other pain. If somebody is hurting physically, we don’t, if we have any senstivity, tell them to distance themselves from the pain. We look at the causes, the effects, and try to find medicine for their ailments. If we treat the pain of anger in this way, we deal with the root cause, we deal with the whole picture, and in doing so, we heal on a much deeper level than if we merely say “distance oneself from the anger thing”

Dealing with anger isn’t about enacting revenge, it is about acknowledging what anger does to our own souls, and working through what happened to cause the anger, what injustice did we suffer to make this hurt happen. And working through the issues, because if we do not do this, anger can turn to depression, and we all deserve better than that. Image


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